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It is often said that “missions are the heartbeat of the church.” Chiswick has a great history of preaching the gospel in London and of supporting missions around the world. Even in this time of financial unrest our church is faithfully involving itself in the ministry of world missions, as is commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19).

We started supporting missions in September 2009 by Faith Promise. It is where as an individual you pray and ask the Lord to lead you in what you should give each month for world missions. Our first mission’s emphasis was in May 2009 and the Lord greatly blessed. We were able to take on 3 missionary pastors from around the world. The following links will give you more information to each of these missionaries. Since then we have expanded to include even more families through the faithful giving and support of our local assembly. Please click on the links below to learn more about our missionaries around the world.


Layton Kelly & Family: Ireland

Layton and Claire Kelly, along with their four children, are faithfully serving the Lord in Northern Ireland in Lifegate Baptist Church.

In 2007, Layton Kelly founded the Christ-centered addictions programme, Reformers Unanimous Ireland, located at Lifegate Baptist Church in Dublin, Ireland. Layton is the director of Reformers Unanimous Ireland, where he serves to minister and support people in addiction and to help bring them to ‘break the chains of addiction’ through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

To learn more about Layton’s personal testimony, and how Jesus Christ saved Him and brought him out of his addictions and sins, please click here.

Ramil Mendoza & Family: Philippines

The Mendozas (Ramil, Norlyn, Noah and Basil) are faithfully serving the Lord Jesus Christ at Makhaseh Yisodi Baptist Church in Baguio City, in the Philippines.

Baguio City is a highly urbanized community of approximately 320,000 people located in the province of Benguet in northern Luzon island of the Philippines. The majority of people within the community profess to be Roman Catholics, yet most do not know the saving grace of the true salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Makhaseh Yisodi Baptist Church began in 1999 in a home which became the future home of the church. The church used to only fill a small room but has since expanded and uses the surrounding garden area for Sunday School. Though much support of yours, and the others within the community, the house slowly became outfitted with a pulpit, chairs to sit on, and an area to have choir music.

From this humble beginning, the Lord has added to the membership. Some are from the result of Bible Studies conducted in homes. Some Christian families decided to transfer membership from other churches since they are living in the area. And the church grew through the years. This is now the MYBC family!

Vladimir & Family: Uzbekistan

Preaching the gospel and being a Christian in Tashkent, Uzbekistan is not easy, and is often met with significant resistance from the local government and police. Regardless of hardship, the family we support in Uzbekistan is faithfully serving the Lord and people are being saved by the one true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Although our missionaries in Tashkent are being upheld and protected by the Lord Jesus Christ daily, they have still experienced times of true difficulty and persecution. It is for this reason we are not able to share with you their names or photos; but will ask you to pray for them, and contact us if you would like to hear more about the work that God is doing in Uzbekistan.

Helen Nacar: Philippines

My name is Helen L. Nacar. I was born in the mountainous place of Mankayan, Benguet in 1972. Sixteen years later, God changed my life and counted me faithful putting me into the ministry. I graduated at Baptist Bible Seminary and Institute in 1995. Since then I have worked with two churches and a Christian school before I started working with Makhaseh Yisodi Baptist Church in 2002 concentrating on organizing and discipling the youth then. At the same time I was finishing my Nursing course.

After becoming an RN in 2006, I thought God’s plan was for me to put up a business to support me in the ministry, and so I went to UK in 2008 and stayed there for two years using my nursing course. God has other plans though. There I met God’s loving people and ministered at Chiswick Baptist Church. In London, I learned to truly trust the Lord in everything even to the minutest detail of my needs. I came back to the Philippines with richer faith than thicker wallet.

So the Lord brought me back to establish the choir at MYBC and to continue the discipleship of the youth. That’s what I do until now and I am happy and fulfilled seeing God save souls and having a part in their growth. Indeed I am in God’s place of blessing. The business I planned, God has changed to His business and I am glad that He has given me the eyes to see and the will to obey. My life is a testimony that when God calls, He enables and He provides. God’s will cannot lead me where His grace cannot keep me. To God be the glory!

We started the choir with only few members singing only the melody. Now we have more than 20 SATB choir members. The below picture on the left is our picture last December 14, 2014. Praise God!

The below picture on the right was taken with the young people during their mini overnight camp last January 16, 2015. There were 25 who attended including three visitors.

Chad Pape & Family: Dominican Republic

Chad Pape, alongside his wife Cynthia and family, are currently on deputation planning to start their ministry to the Dominican Republic. Chad visited Chiswick Baptist Church in 2013 and shared his passion regarding the dire need for the citizens of the Dominican for the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Their desires for their ministry in the Dominican are:

  • Evangelism (Mark 16:15)
  • Discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • Church Planting (Acts 20:28, 1 Peter 5:2)
  • Train national pastors to go out and start Independent Baptist Churches of their own. 2 Timothy 3:16-17)
  • Bible clubs and youth ministries (1 Timothy 4:12, Psalm 119:9)
  • Offer free English classes as an avenue to draw people in and give them the gospel.
  • Use baseball as an outreach ministry to draw in the youth

To read more about the Pape Family and their planned mission, please click here, or to visit their personal website, please click here.

Mike Harrison & Family: Armenia

The Armenian Ministries, led by Brother Mike Harrison and family, works in the country of Armenia. Their aims are to spread the Gospel through various ministries, and provide physical help to the poor and needy. In practical terms, these aims are carried out through the following:

  • Translation Christian literature into Armenian (including the Bible!).
  • Teaching children the gospel through regular Sunday schools and holiday bible camps.
  • Sending humanitarian aid, such as clothes and food, to the needy in Armenia.
  • Translating and sending teaching and training manuals and equipment for use in Christian seminars and Sunday schools throughout Armenia.
  • Providing financial help for medical emergencies, and fuel and food for the destitute.

Armenia is a poor country, where many struggle with no food, medical, or daily care. The Armenian Ministries are serving the Lord to meet immediate needs, and most importantly, eternal needs required through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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