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Who Are We?

September 27, 2017

A Lack of Hope

September 24, 2017

The False Teachers

August 23, 2017

Being A Witness

July 16, 2017
Pastor Steve asks the questions...What does being in fellowship with God really mean? And how can we walk in the Light of Christ?

7 Truths About God

May 21, 2017
Pastor Steve Messersmith gives us 7 fundamental truths about God and how they should affect a christians walk with Him.
John " The Beloved" was an actual eyewitness of Jesus Christ and this is what makes the book of 1 John to credible.
What should the life and heart of a christian centre around? And is there any one descriptive mark of christian?
Are you daily giving yourself to God to be used for His honour and glory?
Are you reading your Bible enough to know that it's real? Can you see the power of God's Word in your life? Here are some questions that you can ask…
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The best way to experience Chiswick Baptist is by visiting one of our weekly services. Each service lasts about 60-80 minutes during which time we worship God through song and hear the preaching of His Word. We encourage you to come as you are dressed in whatever you believe is appropriate. We have creche for toddlers and infants as well as exciting children's programs for ages 4 to 13. We are excited to meet you at our next service!


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